As a conscious and responsible company, we care about our employees and the functioning of local communities. We believe not only in the group’s strength, but also in the importance of upholding fundamental human values at the workplace. The well-being of each of our employees is crucial to our strategy and long-term success.

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We support our employees

We are 100% guided by our values, including our Code of Conduct entitled “Do the right thing”, established by Harry V. Quadracci while he founded the company in 1971. We engage in promoting job satisfaction and professional development for our employees, as well as ensuring their health, safety, and overall well-being.

Our commitment to CSR

We place great importance on ensuring that all of our actions meet international standards. Since 2012, we have successfully undergone SMETA audits that guarantee that we operate ethically in terms of labor, health and safety, environment and business ethics.

Diversity, equality and inclusion

We create a culture where DEI is naturally considered and practiced at all levels of our company.

We promote diverse teams that consist of people from different cultural backgrounds and experiences, guarantee equal job opportunities among genders, and build strong, integrated communities among employees.

Well-being and satisfaction

At Quad, we prioritise respect for our employees, ensuring their safety and creating a friendly work environment. We nurture their competence development and provide them with favourable benefits, because we want them to feel valued, safe, and appreciated.

We provide them with a benefits package including private healthcare, life insurance, incentive programs, and retirement plans, offer various educational support options, possibilities to volunteer, and to develop their interests and passions.

Human rights management

To ensure respect for human and workers’ rights, we have developed a range of internal and external regulations, including handbooks, guides for new employees, an employee rights policy, an anti-harassment policy, and our Code of Conduct for employees and suppliers.

Our human rights management system covers both our facility and the entire supply chain. We ensure fairness, safety and equality in the workplace, and provide all employees with proper training regarding Quad’s Code of Conduct.

Community support

We understand the role that large companies play in small communities. That is why we want to be more than just a good local employer. We strive to be socially active among people as their helper and mentor. We invite employees to participate in fundraising activities, engage in nationwide charitable initiatives, help local schools, students and kindergartens. We support those in need, e.g. we organised aid for refugees from Ukraine affected by the ongoing war.