Quad Logistics

Drawing from 25 years at Quad Logistics, we prioritise your comfort every step of the way. You can always rely on us to deliver your orders promptly and precisely. As we handle the transportation service, we also ensure utmost respect for both your goods and the environment.

How do we deliver?

We offer deliveries worldwide, consistently ensuring the highest quality of service and timely execution.

By road

We provide our clients with both STL and LTL shipping services, as well as the transport 
of hazardous and cold storage goods, 
or express parcels.

By air

We also offer express, professional air shipping services, which are ideal for transporting large-sized or high-value goods.

By sea

In some cases, shipping goods by sea is the optimal choice, enabling seamless intercontinental transportation.

Why Quad Logistics?

Our extensive experience across multiple global markets enables us to deliver the highest quality services and reliability, paying attention to every critical detail.

Wide range 
of services

When planning each transport, 
we take into account all logistics solutions, including also non-standard ones. What counts 
is the highest quality of the service.

Professional, expert staff

We employ the best experts on their fields. That is why our experienced staff guarantees professional service and an individual approach to each customer.

Smart optimisation

We optimize our transport services 
by planning loading in the most optimal way, and then selecting 
the best possible shipping methods.

Demand-driven solutions

Our longstanding experience enables us to efficiently meet our customers’ expectations by analysing their needs and recommending the most advantageous solutions.

Results proven
in reports

Our quality is based not only 
on declarations, but also on reports concerning delivery time, complaints, cargo space, and exhoust emission standards.

Pro-ecological attitude

We implement a number of 
pro-ecological initiatives to protect our environment as much as possible, 
as well as reduce the negative impact 
on the planet.

Our green initiatives

For us, planning each delivery means planning good steps 
for the environment.

We optimize the cargo space. We continue to explore environmentally friendly options for transporting goods, including alternative drives and modern intermodal solutions.

We adhere to exhaust emission standards in road transport and select trucks that meet EURO 4-6 exhaust emission standards based on them.
Download the ESG Report

Our main advantages in numbers

We are proud of our excellent results in terms of delivery times and positive customer reception.


is the amount of our on-time delivery rate (YTD 12/2023). Delivery time is one of our greatest advantages.


of our transports were delivered without any further customer complaints (YTD 12/2023).


is the amount of the cargo space we managed to optimise, thanks to our new storage management program.

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