Comprehensive, non-standard solutions for stores and brands

We create unique shopper marketing experience and a comprehensive support for our clients: from the ideas, R&D and graphic design to prototyping, production, and transportation to their points of sale.

Operating on both large and small scales

Our clients come from various industries, ranging from large corporations to smaller businesses. We provide them with materials ranging from basic ones (wobblers, stickers, shelf-stoppers) to impressive shop-in-shop.

Our offer

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Stock holding units

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Cardboard displays

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Permanent displays

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Creative & design

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Campaign planing

We plan everything that makes up a successful campaign, from concept and design to printing, kitting and fulfillment,

Creative services

Everything we create is ultimately designed to be seamlessly, efficiently executed by your teams in-store.

Structural design

Our graphic, 3D and structural design works to bring your ideas to life and create a positive in-store experience.


Our manufacturing site is equipped with leading technology which guarantees quality and best prices.


Whether your destination is nearby or far across Europe, we ensure the safe and timely delivery of your order.

Sustainability matters most to us

100% recycled materials

Did you know that 100% of our cardboard is recycled? All of the wood fiber materials that we use in our POS displays are made in Europe and can be FSC certified upon request.

Renewable energy

As one of the first printers in Europe, and the first printing company in Poland, our production site exclusively uses electricity from eco-friendly, renewable sources.

Compact packaging

Quad’s POS displays have a positive impact on logistics costs and the carbon footprint related to transport. We deliver them in easily transportable compact ways.

Reengineering matters

We do our best to reengineer: using paper tape instead of plastic to pack our products, not using stretch foil to wrap pallets, using cardboard price holders for our stands.