Our story is about constant evolution

The story of Quad Europe is about improving competences. From constantly upgrading our print quality, through technological investments, to expansion into new markets, and the enhancement of strategic and creative values.


Establishment of the Winkowski company

The Winkowski company was established through the merger of Zakłady Graficzne in Piła with the Superkolor printing house from Radzymin. Quad/Graphics acquired 35% of the new company’s shares.


The forefront of technology change in Poland

Winkowski was the first company in Poland to introduce Computer-to-plate (CTP) technology for offset plate exposure.


Rapid growth

The company invested in new technologies, including the most advanced printers in Europe. It also acquired a new production hall in Piła. The combined area of both printing houses reached 65,000 sq m, while the employee count grew to 1,200.


Quad takeover

Quad/Graphics Inc. announced the acquisition of a majority stake in Winkowski company, leading to a change in its name to QuadWinkowski.


Ownership change

Quad/Graphics bought 100% of the shares of QuadWinkowski.


New plant

The company relocated the printing house from Piła to Wyszków. The plant in Radzymin began the shed-fed printing. QuadWinkowski took over the IMC S.A. Winkowski Group, a company focused on producing cardboard stands and packaging.


Name change

QuadWinkowski changed its name to Quad/Graphics Europe.


Acquisition of Marin’s

Quad/Graphics Europe acquired a stake in Marin’s, a Paris-based company specialising in innovative in-store solutions for brands and retailers worldwide. Marin’s, with over 20 years of expertise in developing bespoke point-of-sale displays, served as the exclusive distributor of the renowned LAMà® Display.


Acquisition of the Peppermint advertising agency

Quad/Graphics Europe acquired Peppermint, a creative and strategic agency focusing on ATL, BTL and digital advertising campaigns. This acquisition marks a significant step in Quad/Graphics Europe’s transformation from a production house into a major provider of marketing services.


Quad became a complete marketing solutions provider

The company expanded its competences to become a provider of complete marketing solutions for customers. To underscore this shift, Quad introduced its new logo.


Joining forces of Marin’s and Quad In-Store

Marin’s and Quad In-Store combined to bring together Quad POS, a company offering the highest quality POS and in-store products to customers throughout Europe.


Quad’s rebranding

During the rebranding, Quad’s overall communication changed to be more visually appealing and consistent, and the logo has been refreshed.