Choose from our various displays for interactive in-store marketing activities! With their help you can organise tasting events, product demonstrations and competitions.


The LAMà® Panamà™ Display
Like a standard LAMà®, but with more space to communicate your important messages. Once set-up…
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The Tablamà™ Display
This ingenious table offers the same communication space as our LAMà® displays, with the practicality…
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The LAMà® Table Display
A fully automatic display table which opens effortlessly in no time, the LAMà® Table is…
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The LAMà® Table Green™ Display
A trusted branding tool known for its long-lasting resistance and 4 large communication panels which…
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Other animations
Bring your sampling activity to the next level with our clever range of animation displays…
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The LAMà® Display
The LAMà®: the original Marin’s® Display. Coming in 8 different shapes, 14 different heights, 9…
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The LAMà® Americube™ Display
A unique creation composed of semi attached stacked cubes that deploy automatically and display multiple…
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The LAMà® Mini Display
A “mini-me” version of our standard display with all the same characteristics and features as…
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by Créa
Stick‘n’Glide® is a display that can be used as a table or counter stand and…
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A standee can be designed and cut to any shape or size to suit your…
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