Direct Mail and Distribution

Our Direct Mail service helps clients reach precisely targeted groups of recipients. We also distribute postal items, always on time and budget-friendly.

All aspects of addressing and distribution in one service

We carefully complete our customers’ postal shipments in every aspect: from finding the perfect packaging method to fast delivery.


Packaging and addressing magazines, catalogues, advertising leaflets, books and product sets. We always make sure to choose optimal, ecological packaging materials.


We make sure to store all products and orders safely. We create reports on stored goods on an ongoing basis.

Packaging materials

In case of standard packaging, we use cardboard, foil and plastic bags. We can also use decorative packaging and printed tapes.


We carefully address our shipments by using ink-jet printing, applying self-adhesive address labels, or placing address cards under the foil.

Postal and courier shipping

We cooperate with shipping postal and courier services in the country and abroad, as long as trusted postal operators and courier companies.

Returns handling

For each order, if a return is required, we ensure proper handling and communication as well as reporting of all returned goods.

Order fulfillment

Every day we process both one-off and recurring orders, as well as the daily operation of online stores.

Call center

We operate a call center that answers all questions about our services, packaging and delivery on an ongoing basis.

Direct Mail service implementation

In addition to our production services and distribution of marketing materials, we also offer effective direct advertising tools, including periodic subscriptions, catalog sales and promotional campaigns. We accept orders by phone, e-mail, fax, or online. Our service includes archiving and downloading data in a secured system. We use it for management inventory, packaging, shipping, handling complaints and returns, responses and payments, and for direct communication with our customers.

Address data processing

We process address data in such a way that our services are performed quickly, efficiently and error-free.

Advanced data sorting

Access to advanced data sorting systems allows us to reduce shipping costs by using available discounts on services postal.

Meeting postal requirements

We always prepare our shipments in accordance with local postal requirements.

Database optimisation

Our address database optimisation services include standardisation, correction and removal of duplicate records.

Professional postal services

The costs of postal services can constitute a significant part of your budget, so we make sure to manage them properly and actively cooperating with appropriate postal operators. We know that customers care about efficient delivery. Our experience helps us provide them with timely and cost-effective mail distribution. We are achieving this goal by constant contact with postal operators (i.e. Poczta Polska, Royal Mail, La Poste, Deutsche Post), and by constantly exchanging information with postal operators about their new initiatives, services and products.