A catalogue that looks modern and is made with attention to every detail, will attract the attention of the most demanding customers. It can delight with its colours, paper texture, and ecological solutions. We also offer the preparation of digital editions of catalogues.

Production capabilities

We have an extensive machine park, thanks to which we offer our clients the most cost- and time-optimal technologies for printing their catalogues.

Offset printing

We use high-performance roll offset printing machines to print on substrates with diverse characteristics and formats. We incorporated wire sewing and in-line gluing capabilities directly on our printing machines to provide our clients with finished products at a competitive price and quality, meeting the most stringent deadlines.

Sheet-fed printing

By using sheet-fed offset printing machines, we produce numerous unique and high-quality products. We are flexible in tailoring the printed offer to our client’s marketing objectives and budget.

Print binding methods

Depending on the type of your printed material, we offer two binding options: saddle stitching or perfect binding. Decide which one best suits the type of content you print.

Saddle stitching

It is a budget-friendly binding method, ideal for thinner products with fewer pages. The pages stay fastened with staples placed on the spine of the magazine.

Perfect binding

Method recommended for premium products. Choose it if you expect the highest quality and durability. A spine is flat, and the sections are connected with glue, stacked on top of each other.

Ink-jet personalisation

Wherever you need personalised and non-standard printing effects, ink-jet technology proves to be reliable. We print and personalise our postal items in one place, which shortens our production schedules and prepares the material for further, personalised postal distribution.

Enhancements and special effects

We offer various options of enhancements and special effects that will make your printed materials stand out and increase the pleasure of reading or using them.

Print enhancements

We offer a number of printing refinements such as offset, dispersive and UV varnishes. Our experts will help you choose the right solution that will make your magazines attract readers’ attention.

special effects

We can recommend even more unusual effects that will make your printed materials stand out, e.g. glitter, structural, scented, hybrid, luminescent, convex varnishes, as well as various scratch-off effects, thermoactive varnishes and compelling 3D prints.

Non-standard web offset printing

If your project needs an even more unconventional approach, we will offer you non-standard printing options: perforation, die-cutting, inserts, leaflets, enhancing and protecting types of varnish, in-line print finishing, printing with a cascading effect, and many more.