Permanent Display

If you are looking for a more permanent display solution, then look no further than Quad, as we have the ability to produce all types of displays in both wood and metal.

Discover the look of this solution

All sizes

Additional personalisation on request

Ballot box

An essential option for all games and competitions!


Invigorate your displays with a whole new shape!


Integrate hooks onto your displays and effortlessly showcase your products.


Insert a leaflet-holder onto your display for your brochures and flyers (A6, A5 or A4).


A perfect option for showcasing artwork or special deals. 3D effect guaranteed!


Fire up your displays with our motors!

Trap door

A secret compartment within the display perfect for storing personal belongings or stocking surplus products!


Feeling like a winner? Add this interactive feature directly to your LAMà® and give your clients the chance to win your awesome prizes!

We offer you a complete Shopper Marketing Experience

Campaign planning

We listen to your brief, identify your needs, and determine each step of the plan that will guarantee you success.


We assist you at every stage of the design of your in-store campaign, including execution and graphic design.

Structural Design

We generate 3D simulations and build white prototype of your project.


Our manufacturing site is equipped with leading technology which guarantees our clients unbeatable quality at competitive prices.


Whether you’re delivering to a single address or multiple destinations domestically or internationally, let us take care of deploying your campaign!