Quad POS offers end-to-end shopper marketing experience to European retailers

WYSZKOW, October 26, 2022 – Quad Europe, a wholly owned subsidiary of Quad, a global marketing experience company, today announced it is expanding its integrated services for retailers throughout Europe.  The new offering, called Quad POS, delivers a comprehensive in-store marketing experience with a through-the-line portfolio that comprises strategy, design, and final printed products delivered to stores. 

Quad POS will feature all of Quad Europe’s current offerings from its own POS R&D and manufacturing divisions, as well as the products by Marin’s, which was acquired by Quad in 2015. The European family of Marin’s, whose entities are in France, German, and the U.K., will be marketed under Quad POS, with the LAMà® instant-display system, originally brought to market by Marin’s, as a lead offering. The result is a complete and compelling retail marketing experience that clears the path for better, deeper, easier consumer engagement.

“Quad was founded on the principle of innovation, and we are relentlessly committed to helping our clients find a better way,” said Jean-Michel Gaffé, President of Quad Europe. “The creation of Quad POS is part of the long-term strategy for Quad Europe to be a one-stop-shop for all of our clients’ marketing needs. We will always offer exceptional printing services, and we are also partnering with our clients to build holistic marketing experiences for their brands. We aim to streamline production and communication, swiftly respond to client needs, and provide them with high-quality and sustainable solutions.”

As part of its growth trajectory in Europe, Quad also will extend its business centres in Germany and France. These centres will serve as hubs for Quad Europe’s complete offering including advertising, print and print management services.

About Quad

Quad Europe, a wholly owned subsidiary of Quad, provides printing services and multi-channel marketing to clients throughout Europe. With access to cutting-edge technologies, Quad’s operations in Germany, France, Poland, and the UK reduce production times and costs to make marketing frictionless, while meeting the highest environmental certification requirements. Please visit quad.eu for more information about Quad Europe.  

Quad (NYSE: QUAD) is a global marketing experience company that helps brands reimagine their marketing to be more streamlined, impactful, flexible, and frictionless. Quad’s strategic priorities are powered by three key competitive advantages that include integrated marketing platform excellence, innovation, and culture and social purpose. The company’s integrated marketing platform is powered by a set of core disciplines including business strategy, insights and analytics, technology solutions, managed services, agency and studio solutions, media, print, in-store, and packaging. Serving over 4,600 clients, Quad has more than 15,000 people working in 14 countries around the world. Please visit quad.com for more information.

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