Next big step for Quad Europe

The appointment of a new President marks an important moment for the company, which aims to transform into a marketing services partner for its clients across Europe.

On June 1st Jean-Michel Gaffé has been appointed President of Quad Europe. His first main mission as President will be to build Quad Europe’s position as a marketing partner for brands. The company believes that Jean-Michel Gaffé’s exceptional experience as a partner for marketers will allow him to achieve this goal.

Mr Gaffé’s career began in 2005 with Marin’s International. He helped to establish Quad Europe’s print operations (then known as QuadWinkowski) as Marin’s strategic manufacturing partner for Europe. In 2008 he received promotion and became International Business Development Manager at Marin’s. He focused on establishing and retaining client relationships with new brands in multiple markets, including Europe, United States, South Africa, and India. After the 2015 acquisition of Marin’s International by Quad, Mr Gaffé became President and General Manager of Marin’s International. A year later, he was appointed Vice President of Sales for In-Store Solutions at Quad Europe, and joined Quad Europe’s Management Board. While in these positions he was crucial to Quad Europe’s growth during the last few years, taking an active role in planning the company’s strategy, and ensuring that the clients remained satisfied.

“At Quad Europe we are inspired by Quad US achievements, and we want to mirror their success. Our parent company underwent a successful transformation to become a large-scale marketing services partner. We want to use this experience in Europe and adapt it on country-to-country base. Thanks to our strong presence on multiple European markets, we are fully aware of the differences between them and the US, and are ready to meet each market’s specific requirements. As we do in the United States, we will be working in accordance with our promise: >>Uncomplicating marketing. Delivering more<<. We will strive to optimise the marketing spending of our clients, so that they will be able to deliver far better results while maintaining current budgets. We will achieve this by simplifying marketing, diagnosing and resolving real problems along the way, aggregating multiple processes in one place, and through partnership and cooperation with our clients” – said Mr Gaffé.

“I am thrilled that I will be able to work with hundreds of talented and dedicated people of Quad Europe. It is thanks to their hard work that the company is thriving. I am convinced that together we can ensure that the company continues to grow in a sustainable and responsible way, with environment and people needs in mind” – added the new President.

Quad Europe initiated transformation process three years ago. The company’s goal is to become a marketing services provider. Up until this point Quad Europe has been recognised primarily as a manufacturing company, thanks to its print and in-store productions. Currently the company offers a rich portfolio of complimentary services that allows marketers to carry many elements of the campaign under one roof, and therefore optimise their marketing budgets. Today the portfolio includes print, in-store, creative services, pre-media, postal and logistics services, content creation, communication strategy, digital marketing, and optimisation of business processes.

During the next phase of the transformation, Quad Europe will introduce completely new sale and consumer service models. This will be necessary, as the company aims to deliver high-quality advertising, content and shopper marketing services in key European markets. All of this backed by large and high-quality production capabilities.

All the details of this new and comprehensive offer will be presented by Quad Europe this Autumn.

About Quad

Quad is a global marketing services company. In Europe it operates in six different countries. Currently it is employing almost 2000 highly qualified staff. Company is committed to sustainability initiatives, with 100% of Quad’s plant electricity coming from renewable sources and have rich portfolio of eco-friendly products certified by PEFC, FSC, and EU Ecolabel.

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