Maciej Soszyński

Director of Estimating and Product Development


He has been with Quad since 1993, and since 2012 he has been Director of Estimating and Product Development.

His responsibilities include managing three departments: Calculation, Billing and Invoicing and Job Engineering. He supports the sales teams in the preparation of quotations and during discussions and negotiations with the customers. He also assists in the development of tenders and strategies for sales talks.

Maciej Soszyński started his professional career at the Prószyński Publishing House where he co-founded the Customer Service Department that was also offering the printing services thanks to the cooperation with two other printing houses: Superkolor in Warsaw and Zakłady Graficzne in Piła. Initially he worked as a Sales Representative, and after a few years he became involved in calculations and and the accounting of production.

He is a graduate of the Technical School of Precision Mechanics in Warsaw. He majored in quantitative methods and information systems at the Warsaw School of Economics. At Quad US, he took a course in Continuous improvement and obtained a Lean Certification Bronze Level. He has received numerous training courses in sales, personnel development, and team management.