Joanna Chamera

Purchasing Director, Managing Director CRT Poland


Since 2010, she has been with great success managing the purchasing area at Quad and since 2017 she has also been the Managing Director of CRT Poland. She started her adventure with Quad as a scholarship winner and intern at Quad printing house in the USA. At Quad Europe, she implemented a color management standardization program to apply her knowledge and experience of production processes to the Purchasing Department in the following years. She was one of the pioneers of the implementation of the virtual workspace concept, transferring purchasing services for printers in the US to Poland.

Within the Purchasing Department, she is responsible for contracting and supplying consumables, spare parts, machine services, IT products and services, electricity, gas, machinery, equipment, systems, and services necessary for the operation of our company.

She is also responsible for the Co-op area and contracting printing services from other printing houses. She works with all production and administrative departments at Quad Europe, as well as with suppliers from different regions of the world, to support the continuous development of our company.

She holds a Master of Engineering in Paper and Printing. She is also a Master’s and Trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming.