Bartek Cymer

Director of Communication Strategy and Marketing, Peppermint Managing Director


Director of Communication Strategy and Marketing at Quad Europe and Managing Director at Peppermint agency, the advertising services arm of Quad Europe.

He has worked at Quad Europe since 2018 when Quad aqired Peppermint. Before 2019, he held the role of Managing Director at Peppermint, and was responsible for all operational activities of the agency. From 2020 onwards, he additionally serves as the Director of Communication Strategy and Marketing, as he leads the marketing efforts of all Quad brands in the European market and coordinates the teams in Poland and France.

He started his career in 2005 in an interactive agency, focusing on digital marketing and in 2014 became the Head of Peppermint. He also served as Marketing Director and then Chief Revenue Officer at a successful 3D printer start-up. Between 2013-15, he was a lecturer at the School of Form in PoznaƄ.

He is a graduate of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Silesia, the Warsaw School of Economics, the School of Brand Strategy of the SAR Marketing Communication Association, and the People Leading People: Program for Executive Development at the Wisconsin School of Business, University of Wisconsin-Madison.