BRICK™ Display System

Constructed with “brick” elements that can be folded and mixed in multiple ways, it is easy to assemble, and has standarised adjustable construction. Its design and solid base allow you to create various designs of POS stands, that look sleek, modern and match the size of your products.

Multiple ways to assemble

  • Variable number of shelves and heights
  • Face from the front or the side of the display
  • Optional interior dividers or gravity option


  • Made of 100% cardboard
  • 100% recyclable
  • No plastic

Easy to transport

  • Compatible with CHEP paletts
  • Transport cap composed of 2 separate parts
  • The parts overlap each other with room to spare

Discover the look of this solution


1/4 pallet
1/8 pallet

Ballot box

An essential option for all games and competitions!


Invigorate your displays with a whole new shape!


Integrate hooks onto your displays and effortlessly showcase your products.


Insert a leaflet-holder onto your display for your brochures and flyers (A6, A5 or A4).


A perfect option for showcasing artwork or special deals. 3D effect guaranteed!

Trap door

A secret compartment within the display perfect for storing personal belongings or stocking surplus products!

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Structural Design

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